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New Year. New Smile?

New Year. New Smile?

by admin

Posted on December 31st, 2018 1:27 am

The end of every year gives us all a chance to look back and consider how things are going. What did we accomplish over the past year? How did we grow? What did we intend to do but ended up falling short? It’s a natural part of life and it always leads to thoughts of the coming year and things we’d like to do differently…things we’d like to change. You know…the “R” word – resolutions!

For most of us, resolutions are quickly broken because they require us to change. But there’s one change you can make that’s really easy – and it has a profound impact on just about every area of life because it gives you such a huge boost in confidence. What is it? Improving your smile! And we should know, we’ve been improving smiles for over 25 years and it never gets old.

From now through January, as we all bundle up against the cold, we’re bundling up the savings with a free initial consultation, free diagnostic records, available 0% interest financing, and lots of patient-friendly options, including Invisalign. We call it “New Year, New Smile” and we hope you’ll schedule a complimentary consultation today to check out all the ways a healthy, beautiful, Dr. M Smile can improve your life. Plus – we do, pretty much, all the work so improving your smile is an easy resolution to keep.

As you look back at the past year and begin to look ahead, we’d love to help you love your smile in 2019. We’re sure it will make 2019 a Happy New Year, indeed.