Orthodontics For Adults



Did you know that over 70% of adults have crowding and other issues with their teeth? It’s true! But that number is shrinking as more and more adults decide that it’s never too late to improve their smiles. In fact, close to a third of our patients are adults.

We love treating adults!

That’s one reason we’re so committed to providing esthetic treatment options, like clear braces and Invisalign®. With Invisalign, adults can achieve a beautiful smile without braces – so you can show off your smile even while you’re in treatment. But orthodontics is about much more than just straight teeth.

Straight teeth and a properly aligned bite have been shown to improve:

     • Overall Dental Health
     • Heart Health (from healthy gums)
     • Ability To Keep Your Teeth for a Lifetime

We find that adults appreciate the benefits even more than kids. After all, they’ve had to live with their crooked smiles for a long time. Plus, we use amazing technologies that make the whole experience more comfortable for kids and adults alike.

Sleep Breathing Issues In Adults



If you feel like you never get a good night’s sleep or your roommate complains about your snoring, you could be suffering from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. These are just two of many symptoms that may point to a problem with breathing during sleeping. Sleep disorders are often ignored, which can lead to serious complications, like:

     • Chronic daytime sleepiness
     • High blood pressure
     • Heart attack
     • Stroke
     • Heartburn/acid reflux
     • Morning headaches
     • Depression